Mobility Solutions

As an enterprise integrator, Intelligent Waves has experience with multiple MDM solution providers (Cisco Systems, Aruba Networks, VMware Airwatch, Citrix XenMobile, IBM MaaS360, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite. These solutions have been installed, configured and tested internal at the IW lab to provide the right product to each customer’s requirements and are in use at many of our customer’s sites. Intelligent Waves particularly focuses on mobile application management (MAM), mobile content management (MCM), securing corporate data, ensuring productivity, support of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and superior customer experience.

Intelligent Waves provides worldwide support services for mobile end-users by enabling access to Government infrastructure services for authorized remote users. This includes management, maintenance, and cybersecurity compliance for Government-owned mobile equipment. We track all Government owned IT devices in order to perform lifecycle management, maintenance, user support, and asset management activities. We maintain devices and support users in compliance with classified and unclassified DoD mobility programs.


Providing support for IPhones, IPads, Microsoft and Apple smartphones, tablets and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) is a daily requirement for Intelligent Waves’ operations support and engineering staff.

Hypori is a proprietary virtual smartphone technology that represents a new and comprehensive approach to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM). Hypori virtualizes the entire mobile experience – no data or applications on the device means no vulnerability. Hypori is the only NSA-approved Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Mobile Access (MA) Capability Package for VMI solution available.

Hypori’s virtual mobility software can be delivered On-Premises, or via Cloud or SaaS to Federal customers.

Intelligent Waves is a Value-Added Reseller/Integrator of Hypori Virtual Mobility software.

Intelligent Waves’ mobile development methodology is based on the Lean-Agile principles of the continuous flow of value delivery, ability to incorporate feedback quickly, and building quality into our software development lifecycle. We deliver mobile application solutions faster, with more predictability, and with higher quality.

Intelligent Waves’ flagship products: 

GRAYPATH (GP) is the next generation of expeditionary communications. Through its patented IP Spread Spectrum technology, GP leverages the cloud to randomize and distribute message packets through the simultaneous use of multiple transport paths and encrypted channels. GP algorithms optimize throughput by continuously sensing and adjusting the message flow according to channel availability and bandwidth capacity creating a smoother connection even for HD video transmissions. GP dramatically lowers the risk of detection and interception and is nearly impervious to disruption. 

  • GRAYPATH allows access to a secure, shared data center without exposing or compromising a social network.
  • GRAYPATH connects to a secure datacenter in a hostile environment with a high Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS) presence without exposing TTP.
  • GRAYPATH connects to a secure data center using host nation networks in an active foreign intelligence service environment.
  • GRAYPATH guarantees the availability of the network and uptime because the user doesn’t control the network.

PHANTOM: Phantom Next Generation provides the ability for organizations to access foreign points of presence to conduct remote open-source information gathering and research while at the same time protecting organizations and individuals from exposure to foreign intelligence. Intelligent Waves has achieved this by combining the GRAYPATH software-defined obfuscated network with the managed attribution capability of the Phantom platform in a secure but unclassified package. 

The system uses all the GRAYPATH network capabilities to provide a low probability of detection, intercept, and exploitation of application traffic and obfuscate the user’s location. At the same time, the Phantom platform matches the user’s digital signature with the intended point of presence. The user’s true IP, location, and data usage are obfuscated while user-generated traffic is made to “originate” from a remote point of presence (PoP) or interface server. This effectively allows the internet researcher to “hide within the noise” of normal IP traffic.

Additionally, the unclassified but secure, cloud-based capability enables telework because it does not require access to a classified facility or network. This allows government organizations to fully leverage an increasingly remote and globally distributed workforce.

  • Phantom enables “anonymous browsing” of remote internet services from any location.
  • Phantom secures access and manages public network attribution.
  • Phantom increases operational security while reducing risks to private networks and assets.
  • Phantom provides isolation between local private networks and remote public internet services.