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An SD-WAN for Operational Effectiveness

DENet is a multi-layered, open-architecture network framework with broad applicability for the secure transport of sensitive or classified data. Each layer is purpose-built to easily integrate into existing networks and DENet adds secure connectivity layers where needed. DENet enables a logical mesh between all connected sites of the same security level, an encryption layer enabling classified data to be sent over trusted network connections, and a quantum-resistant security layer that utilizes all available commercial connections to maximize throughput.

DENet provides four layers of functionality and security to provide defense in depth and organizational boundaries that enable policy enforcement: Enterprise Red, Enterprise Encryption, Ubiquitous Black Fabric (UBF), and Ubiquitous Hidden Core (UHC). The UBF and UHC layers are tasked with the secure transport of data between sites. The Enterprise Red layer contains the sensitive enterprise services and the Enterprise Encryption layer is the bridge to the UBF layer via HAIPE and/or CSfC transport encryption.

DENet’s adaptable architecture meets the flexibility, security, and manageability needs as organizations strive to keep up with advanced tactics and technological innovation on both sides of the battlefield. DENet was designed to meet the data security needs of any organization while providing the flexibility to adjust to any mission.

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The Challenge:

Adaptable, Secure, High throughput connections for increasingly data-centric mission requirements.

The Solution:

Utilize commercial technology for a new capability that establishes new, or enhances current investments while avoiding vendor lock-in.

The Advantages:

  • Open Architecture Networking Approach

  • Centralized SD-WAN Management

  • Increased Network Performance, Resilience, and Security

  • Vendor Agnostic Solution

  • Data Obfuscation and LPI/LPD

  • Simultaneous Usage of all Connections

  • Dynamic & Automatic Traffic Routing

  • Multiple Encryption Options (NSA Type 1/CSfC)

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