IW’s Foundational Competency Pillars

Achieving Excellence Through Discipline

Intelligent Waves' Five Pillars Graphic - Services
Cybersecurity is the art of protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access or criminal use and the practice of ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

Intelligent Waves’ focused domains consist of:

  1. Security and Risk Management
  2. Asset Security
  3. Security Engineering
  4. Communications and Network Security
  5. Identity and Access Management
  6. Security Assessment and Testing
  7. Security Operations

The enterprise network and systems engineering processes are about shaping the space in which organizations develop systems so that an organization is innovating and operating to succeed in its local mission automatically, while at the same time innovate and operate in the interest of the enterprise.

Intelligent Waves’ focused domains consist of:

  1. Comprehensive Viewpoint
  2. Enterprise Planning and Management
  3. Enterprise Technology Information and Infrastructure
  4. Engineering Information – Intensive Enterprises
  5. Systems of Systems
  6. Systems Engineering for Mission Assurance
  7. Transformation Planning and Organizational Change
  8. Enterprise Governance
  9. Independent Assessments
  10. Acquisition Systems Engineering
The custom production, modification, and implementation of software applications to meet specific customer requirements.  This can include repackaging and modification of open-source software (OSS) or partnerships with 3rd party vendors to build software capability from scratch.
Information technology and electronic maintenance, installation and troubleshooting in vehicles and weapon platforms.
Data science combines the scientific method, math and statistics, specialized programming, advanced analytics, AI, and even storytelling to uncover and explain the business insights buried in data.

Intelligent Waves’ focused domains consist of:

  1. Capture
  2. Prepare and Maintain
  3. Pre-Process and Process
  4. Analyze
  5. Communicate