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Secure Wireless High-Speed Data for Government and Defense

The Challenge:

Radio Frequency (RF) is a target of near peer adversaries and is becoming increasingly congested in a wireless reliant technology world.

The Solution:

Use Light Fidelity (LiFi) to provide data transfer security for sensitive systems and non-revealing communications in RF-denied environments, while providing the security to ensure sensitive systems remain secure.

LiFi brings secure, field-expedient, wireless communications to any space regardless of data classification and sensitivity. Offering Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) and Low Probability of Detect (LPD) transmissions.

LiFi Communications

Broadband Connections in Situations Where Radio is Not an Option

LiFi convoy

Convoy Communications

lifi aircraft


lifi scif

TSCIF Communications

The Advantages:

  • LiFi is a non-RF, infrared-based data connection that is resilient to interception, jamming or tracking from outside.

  • LiFi enables a point-to-multi-point broadband data connectivity where radio is not permitted.

  • Data connection via light adds an additional level of physical security (what’s in the room, stays in the room).

  • LiFi is only accessible with dedicated access devices. Workers can stay online and roam more flexibly.

  • LiFi can be integrated in to lighting fixtures and is easy to install.

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