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Obfuscated, Non-Attributable, Remote, Secure But Unclassified

“The revolution in information technology, commerce, and politics since the Cold War’s end is only making open sources more accessible, ubiquitous, and valuable. Simply put, one can gather more open intelligence with greater ease and at less cost than ever before.”
– Stephen Mercado, Author of Sailing the Sea of OSINT in the Information Age

The Phantom Next Generation, award-winning solution provides the ability for organizations to access foreign points of presence to conduct remote open-source information gathering and research while at the same time protecting organizations and individuals from exposure to foreign intelligence. Intelligent Waves has achieved this by combining the GRAYPATH software-defined obfuscated network with the managed attribution capability of the Phantom platform in a secure but unclassified package. The system uses all the capability of the GRAYPATH network to provide low probability of detection, intercept, and exploitation of application traffic and obfuscate the user’s location while the Phantom platform matches the user’s digital signature with the intended point of presence. The user’s true IP, location, and data usage are obfuscated while user-generated traffic is made to “originate” from a remote point of presence (PoP) or interface server. This effectively allows the internet researcher to “hide within the noise” of normal IP traffic.

Additionally, the unclassified but secure, cloud-based capability enables telework because it does not require access to a classified facility or network. This allows government organizations to fully leverage an increasingly remote and globally distributed workforce.

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  • Phantom enables “anonymous browsing” of remote internet services from any location.
  • Phantom secures access and manages public network attribution.

  • Phantom increases operational security while reducing risks to private networks and assets.
  • Phantom provides isolation between local private networks and remote public internet services.

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