Secure Communication Infrastructure in an Unsecure World

GRAYPATH is a simple, asymmetric solution that ensures robust, reliable, secure, non-attributable global communication.

GRAYPATH (GP) is the award winning, next generation of expeditionary communications. Through its patented IP Spread Spectrum technology, GP leverages the cloud to randomize and distribute message packets through the simultaneous use of multiple transport paths and encrypted channels. GP algorithms optimize throughput by continuously sensing and adjusting the message flow according to channel availability and bandwidth capacity creating a smoother connection even for HD video transmissions. GP dramatically lowers the risk of detection and interception and is nearly impervious to disruption.

GRAYPATH provides a flexible and secure SD-WAN fabric mesh across both trusted, government managed connections in the Ubiquitous Black Fabric (UBF), and public commercial connections by creating an equally secure “LAN over commercial WAN” fabric to establish the Ubiquitous Hidden Core (UHC). GRAYPATH uses innovative bandwidth aggregation over any quantity of public and private connectivity services to provide full SD-WAN functionality even over very low bandwidth and denied, degraded, intermittent, and latent (DDIL) connections. GRAYPATH’S architecture enables agencies to securely utilize one Gateway to manage multiple and differing classified enclaves each having their own separate LANs, firewalls, and encryption devices. This improves manageability of network traffic and reduces cost by eliminating the need for each classified enclave to have it’s own dedicated network circuits for connectivity.

  • GRAYPATH allows access to a shared secure datacenter, without exposing or compromising a friendly network.

  • GRAYPATH connects to a secure datacenter in a hostile environment with a high Foreign Intelligent Service (FIS) presence without exposing TTPs.

  • GRAYPATH connects to a secure data center using host nation networks in an active foreign intelligence service environment.

  • GRAYPATH guarantees the availability of network and uptime because the user doesn’t control the network.

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Honored to be Awarded…

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Global InfoSec Award 2021 for GRAYPATH
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