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Operations and Intelligence Support

Intelligent Waves delivers centralized IT and Mission IT capability support by providing local and remote operations and intelligence support to our customers operations around the globe. We successfully deliver continuous process improvement to programs with the objective of reducing costs while improving quality and mission effectiveness. We provide installation, configuration, administration, O&M, and operational availability support to our customers infrastructure, applications, user desktops, and Mission IT capabilities in testing, staging, and production environments.

Intelligent Waves holds and successfully manages contracts to provide an array of intelligence, operational, communications and IT support to the USG in austere, forward-deployed, hazardous duty environments around the world. We have ongoing contracts providing support to U.S. military forces in the United States, Iraq and Afghanistan. We work fluidly as a team with our partnered contractors, without individual corporate distinctions, to successfully support intelligence analysis, operations and planning, security, and information technology support.


Intelligent Waves helps gather and all sources of intelligence information for various forms of analysis including but not limited to information security analysis, cyber security analysis, incident response, systems analysis, threat detection analysis, and database analysis.

Intelligent Waves helps agencies gather intelligence and develop Information Operation plans to meet strategic objectives. Our services include identification of critical information, analysis of vulnerabilities, assessment of risk, and application of appropriate protective measures and countermeasures.

Intelligent Waves helps agencies identify trends, improve customer service and operational efficiencies, and increase revenue by implementing data analytic initiatives. The methodology used applies data mining and predictive analysis on real-time data or historic records.

Intelligent Waves helps agencies operate more efficiently by establishing knowledge management processes that identify, create, and distribute knowledge.