The Employee Spotlight section of Intelligent Waves’ Newsroom highlights Employees and the work that they do and the things they enjoy.

Intelligent Waves’ Employee Spotlight – Anna Wrobel

Meet Anna Wrobel!  Anna joined Intelligent Waves in 2015 as the Information Security Engineer for the newly awarded DISA UVDS Program in Ashburn, VA. Almost eight years later, she is still learning and growing in her role alongside a wonderful group of team members.  Anna was recently the recipient [...]

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Intelligent Waves’ Employee Spotlight – Jeffrey Gill

Meet Jeffrey Gill! After serving in the United States Army for 20 years, Jeffrey joined Intelligent Waves in January 2020 as a Senior Systems Administrator for our Rome, NY customer. Jeffrey is the Tier 4 Maintenance and Support Scrum Master for the Air Force Open Architecture Distributed Common Ground [...]

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Intelligent Waves’ Employee Spotlight – Stephanie Hawkins

Meet Stephanie Hawkins! Stephanie joined Intelligent Waves last October as the Senior Proposal Manager for the Business Development/Growth team. Not only is Stephanie a master with proposal documentation, configuration, and keeping the team on schedule to meet the government’s ever-changing deadlines and requirements, she is a busy mom of [...]

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Intelligent Waves’ Employee Spotlight – Jackson Postema

Meet Jackson Postema! Jackson joined Intelligent Waves in 2020 as a Communications Analyst supporting an RF Mission for the U.S. Air Force.  Some of his duties include assisting the Communications Transmission Engineer in the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of the expanded RF systems to maintain full mission capability [...]

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Intelligent Waves’ Employee Spotlight – Oswaldo Abijaoude

Meet U.S. Army veteran Oswaldo Abijaoude, or Ozzie, as he’s known to his fellow team members at the 1st Information Operations Command (Land) in Fort Belvoir, VA. Ozzie was a linguist for many years before becoming an Intelligence/Open Source Analyst. Besides English, he is fluent in Arabic, French, Spanish, [...]

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Intelligent Waves’ Employee Spotlight – Ari Siegler

Meet Ari Siegler! A former Master Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, Ari joined Intelligent Waves in 2021 as a Cyber Threat Emulator (CTE) for DRSI at Ft. Meade, MD. Along with his team members, Ari spends his day trying to replicate adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) [...]

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Intelligent Waves’ Employee Spotlight – Blake Haga

Meet Blake Haga! Blake joined Intelligent Waves in May 2018 as a Systems Administrator as part of the Admin to Engineer (A2E) program. He now works as a Cloud Solutions Architect where he designs and builds custom solutions to meet customer needs, as well as further developing IW’s products [...]

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Intelligent Waves’ Employee Spotlight – Lisa Devine

Meet Lisa Devine! Lisa is a Test Instrumentation Technician Logistics Manager at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, NV where she utilizes her excellent problem-solving skills to provide top-notch customer service to the client. Lisa served in the USAF for 20 years before joining Intelligent Waves in September 2021. When [...]

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Intelligent Waves’ Employee Spotlight – Logan Mattern

Meet Logan Mattern! If you’ve been to Intelligent Waves' headquarters in Reston, VA within the last two years, then you’ve probably met Logan. Always helpful, Logan started her tenure as the front desk administrator and is now the Alternate #FacilitySecurityOfficer ensuring the office runs smoothly and its employees and [...]

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