Meet Abbie Santek! Abbie studied Athletic Training in college (MS, ATC, LAT) and worked in collegiate sports for the first part of her career, then transitioned to WWE Raw and even Cirque du Soleil. She joined Intelligent Waves in November 2021 where she runs the Human Performance Branch at the 59th TES for the Crowd Source Flight Data program at Nellis AFB.

Her team manages a large data project collecting biometrics of pilots as a baseline and also during their flight, taking strength measurements, identifying symmetries, and mapping Theta and Alpha brain waves. They can then report their findings to the pilots, recommending resources to improve their biometrics. Off the clock, you can find Abbie chasing after her toddler, mountain biking, rock climbing, and cheering for the Vegas Golden Knights. It’s great to have you on the team, Abbie!