Intelligent Waves’ John Hammes, Wins Next-Gen Chief Information Security Officer of the Year IN 10th Annual Global InfoSec Awards at #RSAC 2022

Intelligent Waves (IW), a leading IT integrator that delivers mission-focused multi-domain operational expertise and innovation to the Government through high-impact technology solutions, is proud to announce that John Hammes has won the Next-Gen Chief Information Security Officer of the Year Award from Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM), the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine. 

“We scoured the globe looking for cybersecurity innovators that could make a huge difference and potentially help turn the tide against the exponential growth in cybercrime. As a result, John Hammes is absolutely worthy of this coveted award and consideration for deployment in your environment,” said Yan Ross, Editor of Cyber Defense Magazine.

“I’m honored to receive one of the most prestigious and coveted cybersecurity awards in the world from Cyber Defense Magazine, during their 10th anniversary as an independent cybersecurity news and information provider. I knew the competition would be tough, and with top judges who are leading infosec experts from around the globe, I couldn’t be more pleased,” said John Hammes, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for Intelligent Waves.

John is at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation. He is often described as the quiet guy in the cybersecurity planning room. He is regarded as a force multiplier and disruptor in support of intelligence and special operations. Hammes uses a disciplined approach to address systems-of-systems architectures that enable adaptability, scalability, and sustainability. Hammes delivers exceptional solutions for mission-critical operations in cybersecurity, integration, and C5ISR to support warfighters’ increased capabilities.

John is committed to enhancing the United States Military Intelligence capabilities and effectiveness by developing in-house solutions that allow freedom of movement across the cyber realm. Among his innovations is IW’s proprietary GRAYPATH (GP) solution. 

Hammes recently led the rollout of IW’s GRAYPATH, the next-generation solution for expeditionary communications. Through its patent-pending IP Spread Spectrum technology, GP uses the cloud to randomize and distribute message packets through multiple transport paths and encrypted channels. Furthermore, the GP algorithm optimizes throughput by constantly sensing and adjusting the message flow according to channel availability and bandwidth capacity, resulting in a smoother connection even for HD video transmissions. As a result, GP dramatically reduces the risk of detection and interception and is nearly impervious to disruption.


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