James Howell

John Hammes

Senior Director of Innovation, Research, and Development

John Hammes is the Senior Director of Innovation, Research, and Development for Intelligent Waves LLC. In his strategic leadership role, he is responsible for spearheading the company’s strategic innovation initiatives that deliver exceptional and asymmetrical leading-edge solutions to accomplish mission-critical operations in cybersecurity, systems integration, and C4ISR.

As a bold thinker and a strategic thought leader, John brings over 20 years of hands-on proven experience to Intelligent Waves, including the coveted institutional knowledge of operating and managing high-impact programs in the most demanding and austere military IT environments. As such, Hammes has built a community following and is highly recognized in the Defense and IC community for his innate ability to thinking outside the box to direct a broad range of IT innovations. Hammes has served our country for over 12 years in U.S. Army Special Operations Command and served in the 112th Signal Battalion and 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta.

John oversees Intelligent Waves’ Innovation Center (IWIC), a platform-agnostic innovation hub containing a multi-million-dollar R&D facility with cutting-edge software, hardware, and secure data centers. The IWIC enables IW to demonstrate proof of concepts, work on research and development projects, provide test environments for current projects, and keep the company skillset knowledgeable and current with technologies relevant to the market and customer needs. Also, John oversees the IW Strategy Working Group, Apprentice to Engineer (A2E) Program, and the Technology Internship programs.

John has earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Excelsior College and is completing his graduate studies at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill – Kenon Flagler Business School.