Patrick Quebedeaux, Senior Director, ISR

Patrick Quebedeaux

Vice President, Data & Platform Mission Support

Patrick Quebedeaux is the Vice President of Data and Platform Mission Support for Intelligent Waves (IW). Patrick is adept in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) technologies, and an Engineering expert. He has over 15 years of demonstrated high-level experience in Project Management, Engineering, and Client Operations.

As a senior leader at IW, Patrick oversees the operational planning, establishment, execution, and evaluation of a multifaceted program comprising a large set of closely related projects and associated activities. In addition, he is responsible for ensuring thorough and professional service delivery via multiple programs and project management teams focused on providing mission-critical work to support our government customers. His commitment to the customer, and emphasis on applying IW’s Total Customer Engagement (TCE) techniques, are reflected in high customer satisfaction scores.  

Before joining Intelligent Waves, Patrick served as an Electrical Engineer at Robins AFB for ten years. Through his tenure as a civil servant, Patrick started as an Electrical Warfare system test engineer, which included testing ALQ-131, ALR-69A, ALQ-213, ALR-56M, and other similar systems. Patrick rose to Lead Test Engineer before he discovered the ISR community. Patrick started his ISR career working on the FPED program in 2010 and left his civil service career to develop a career as a DoD contractor. Patrick was the Lead Fielding Manager of both the FPED and OA DCGS programs, where he successfully managed and deployed dozens of IT systems at sites worldwide for the Air Force.  

Patrick obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana State University and a Master’s Degree with a focus on Electronics and Communications Engineering from Mercer University.