Creating Lifelong Positive Impact on the Lives of Youth through an Innovative Youth Football Sports Program that Instills Values of Education, Team Building, Confidence, and Citizenship. 

July 13, 2020—Reston, Virginia– Intelligent Waves LLC, a leading-edge trusted IT systems integrator that delivers high-impact transformational IT solutions to Government’s most mission-critical challenges in austere and demanding environments, is honored to share the positive outcomes of its sponsorship of the Old Mill Youth Association (OMYA).This innovative non-profit youth sports association uses youth football, basketball, lacrosse, and cheerleading experiences to build lifelong positive citizenship and personal growth through sportsmanship and competition. The Old Mill Youth Association, also known as the Old Mill Patriots, is a non-profit youth sports organization for children ages 4 to 14. OMYA serves more than 2,000 area children each year.

Old Mill Youth Association uses sports to instill the values of education, team building, confidence, trust, accountability, character building, discipline, and love by requiring players to maintain above-average grades in their academics, as well as emphasizing the importance of keeping a proper relationship and balance between scholastic and athletic endeavors.

According to Mr. Danny Burns, OMYA Board Member, Intelligent Waves’ donation to OMYA provided team league registration fees for 324 youth players participating on ten football teams. Football is more than just a game. It teaches life lessons that the players carry with them long after they’ve hung up their cleats. The true value of the program is about instilling teamwork, discipline, perseverance, goal setting, handling success and failure, time management, and keeping in good shape (both physically and mentally).

Burns explained, “By working out, running sprints and watching a film, the kids become committed to a team. They take pride in what the decal on their helmet stands for. They care about the people (regardless of color, gender, or religious background) they sweat with. By playing football, they learn what it means to make an unwavering commitment to something bigger than themselves.”

Mr. Jared Shepard, Intelligent Waves Founder and CEO, stated, “Intelligent Waves was founded on the belief and passion of serving our country. That belief is ingrained in who we are and is evident in our social impact programs that are focused on supporting our local communities. Through our partners, funding, volunteers, and campaigns, we hope to help remove the barriers faced by today’s youth and the wellness of families in need within our community. We are proud to sponsor the Old Mill Youth Association as it shows that change only happens when you get involved.” Danny Burns expanded, “Now more than ever; it is critical to show the youth of today that our community and the greater collective society believes in their future. Jared Shepard, CEO and Founder of Intelligent Waves’ instantly embraced the idea and expressed his passion and an unrelenting commitment to giving back to the community through programs that help lift up today’s youth and create real change and create a positive impact in their lives. Intelligent Waves’ generous sponsorship dollars helped our organization offset associated major expenses such as events, field rental, game officials, equipment, uniforms, trophies, and administrative costs.”

Burns added, “Moreover, partnering with Intelligent Waves has helped show other corporations a great example of how to effectively execute corporate social responsibility programs. Most importantly, it demonstrated that it is okay for companies to partner with local youth communities, and this sponsorship has shown the community that their kids do matter.”

About Old Mill Youth Association (OMYA)                                                 

Old Mill Youth Association (OMYA) is a non-profit youth sports association that is dedicated to providing the youth (ages 4-14) of the Millersville community and surrounding Anne Arundel County areas a positive and enjoyable youth football, basketball, lacrosse and cheerleading experience. Our Mission includes 1. Building relationships through a common interest in sportsmanship and competition. 2. Instilling the values of education by requiring players to maintain above-average grades in their academics as well as emphasizing the importance of keeping a proper relationship and balance between scholastic/athletic endeavors. 3. Teaching team building, confidence, trust, accountability, character building, discipline, and love for their athletic endeavors.

About Intelligent Waves, LLC 

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