RESTON, Va. – Intelligent Waves LLC, an end-to-end information technology (IT) solutions provider, announced its participation in the Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC) Technical Exchange (JTEX). A trusted partner in the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) community, Intelligent Waves was selected to brief solutions and ideas for Big Data Transport/Access; IT Design, Deployment, and Training; and Multi-Level System Architecture as a part of the Big Data Knowledge Management (BDKM) track on March 6, 2019.

The purpose of JTEX and JMETC was to address the impact of the 2018 Department of Defense (DoD) National Defense Strategy (NDS) on Test & Evaluation (T&E). The BDKM track focused on the advancement of analysis techniques within the T&E community through sharing of: distributed data analysis techniques; development of capabilities; advanced technologies; related requirements; training of the workforce; cybersecurity practices and policies; data policy; and other related policies, techniques and technologies used in industry or U.S. government support.

“We were honored to be selected to participate in JTEX,” said Marqus Hutchinson, chief technology officer for Intelligent Waves, who presented the brief. “Intelligent Waves has supported DoD ISR and Space systems over the last decade. The opportunity demonstrates our knowledge and experience of big data distribution and dissemination within the ISR community.”