Admin to Engineer Program

Here at Intelligent Waves, we’re committed to creating an environment that encourages professional development. Our Admin to Engineer program (A2E) is an opportunity for new employees with limited experience to become certified Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) Engineers in only 18 months.

Each participant receives a customized growth plan to become a cleared Integration Engineer in one of our hard-to-fill positions. Through training, mentoring, and on-the-job practice, inexperienced employees gain the skills they need to work as capable members of our Installation & Integration Services (IIS) or Professional Services (PS) team.

Highly-motivated individuals with limited IT knowledge are invited to apply for the A2E program and become Intelligent Waves-quality IT Engineers. We supply trainees with all the skills, abilities, and engaging experience they need to advance their careers.

About A2E

The A2E program is a professional development opportunity for entry-level non-cleared administration and technical employees. Our comprehensive training helps participants reach their full potential in a high-demand technology area. Upon successful completion of all the courses and exams, graduates can begin their careers as skilled Integration Engineers.

Designed for Growth

The A2E program provides customized plans designed specifically to the participant and to the skill set we need to grow.

Contact us to learn more about this program or request a sample training plan.

Apply for the A2E Program

Intelligent Waves is looking for highly-motivated entry-level admins and technicians for this year’s Admin to Engineer (A2E) program.

Are you a non-cleared entry-level technician or administrator looking for an exciting and challenging new career opportunity? Intelligent Waves is looking for highly-talented, self-motivated individuals to join the Admin to Engineer (A2E) Program.

We’re looking for applicants with outstanding communication skills and a passion for data engineering. In only 18 months, our A2E training program will help you become a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), Engineer. You’ll receive paid training that includes IT Boot Camp, on-the-job learning, lab practice, frequent mentoring, and evaluation sessions.

After completing the A2E program, you’ll be ready to join our team as part of our Professional Services (PS) or Installation & Integration Service (IIS) Division.

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